Space Sailors at the Astronaut Day in Aachen

We had the chance to get up close with more than 80 astronauts who visited Aachen on the 2nd of July.

During the 26th Planetary Congress of the Association of Space Explorers in Cologne the international astronauts and kosmonauts visited Aachen. For us the day began with an interview for the german television n-tv:

After that we visited the astronauts during their presentations under the headline “International Space Programs – Year in review”.
In the afternoon the most exciting event started. There was an Open-Air-Event on the Katschhof between town hall and the cathedral with the astronauts and a big student audience. We could show our experiment as well as the video of the sail deployment during a short presentation on the stage. Many of the space enthusiastic visitors wanted to know more about our experiment – this is also why we did this interview with “Spacekate”.
The day finished with a delicios dinner in the town hall, to which all the astronauts and selected guests were invited. So we had the great opportunity to sit at a table with the astronauts and talk to them in person.

All in all it was a great and exciting day for the Space Sailors!