INTRAVIS Vision Systems

SpotWatcher Inside (Source: Intravis)
Last week we were invited by the company INTRAVIS from Aachen. INTRAVIS is specialized in quality control of plastic packaging by means of optical systems. We were welcomed by the technical director Mr. Klaus Schönhoff, who started off by giving us a general overview of the company. In return we then had the opportunity to present our project and especially our camera modules. The following tour afforded us an extensive insight into the development, testing and production of the various monitoring systems. Also of great interest to us was the information we received on the founding of the company and the connected building of the company structure. Even tough our project is of a much smaller scale we were able to see parallels to our founding and organization efforts.

We thank Intravis for the interesting insight into their company and are very pleased that we could win them as a sponsor for our camera modules.

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